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옥승웅 목사님 소개

   '옥승웅 목사님은---

Pastor Seungwoong Ok was born in 1969 to Yoonhwan and Jeongja Ok, who
are devout Christians, in South Korea. He has one older sister who is
in ministry in Korea and a younger sister who lives in Atlanta, GA.
Upon graduating from high school, he enrolled in Kyoungwon University,
in 1988, where he met his wife Myungju. He studied Tourism Management
with a concentration in Food and Beverage and received his Bachelor of
Science degree. In 1993, he came to the U.S. and entered Johnson &
Wales University (Providence, RI), studying Culinary Arts, receiving a
Master of Science in Hospitality Management. Later, he worked at the
Hyatt Regency Hotel (Cambridge, MA) as a Sous Chef.

In 1998, he received a calling into the pastoral ministry and enrolled
in Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and received M.Div. and Th.M.
degrees in Preaching. He was mentored by Dr. Haddon Robinson, the
author of The Biblical Preaching. He was ordained in 2002 by the
Korean American Presbyterian Church (KAPC). Before pastoring Hilltop
Church, he served as an Associate Pastor to Korean Presbyterian Church
of Greater Boston (Hopkinton, MA) and Korean Christian Church of
Houston. While serving in KCCH, the young adults ministry he oversaw,
Nazareth, experienced growth and many of its members participated in
the Saturday School for challenged children held at St. Andrew, where
Hilltop now resides. It was his first encounter with the Lutheran

From the beginning, Pastor Ok and founding members of Hilltop Church
actively participated and supported LINC ministry. Persuaded by the
Lutheran theology and ministry, he began the colloquy process while
the Hilltop congregation decided to join the LCMS. With the help from
pastors such as Sun Moon Lee, David Kim, Mark Junkans, along with many
other Lutheran friends, Hilltop first became a mission church of LINC
in December 2008 and became a chartered congregation of LCMS in May
2009. Pastor Ok was able to complete his colloquy in February 2010.

He has been leading the congregation with an emphasis in prayer and
Biblical preaching and teaching. The congregation of Hilltop Church
meets every morning for prayer. His vision is for the Hilltop Church
to become a role model among the immigrant churches through evangelism
and discipleship of its members.

Pastor Ok has two children, Dahye (16) and Andrew(13).


Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary(S.Hamilton, MA): M.DIV, TH.M (설교학)
Johnson & Wales University (Providence, RI): Culinary Arts (A.S.)
Hospitality Management (M.S.)
경원대학교 관광경영학과 (B.S)

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